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Mehron Pro Pencil Clown Makeup

Pro Pencils
Mehron Pro Pencils, can help you with the most intricate makeup designs. These products will wear for hours. Mehron pencils apply in a surprisingly gentle way and are specifically designed for outlining and drawing face and body designs.

Note that each Mehron ProPencil has a "plasticiszed" casing, so they are best sharpened with the ProPencil Sharpener, which minimizes waste by gently peeling ribbons from the tip of the non-wood casing while forming the perfect point.

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Mehron Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup - Black
Product ID : M6195 $4.40 $5.50
Qty in stock : 89
Mehron Jumbo Pro-Pencil Makeup - White
Product ID : M6188 $6.00 $7.50
Qty in stock : 151
Mehron Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup - Bright Red
Product ID : M6197 $4.40 $5.50
Qty in stock : 53
Mehron Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup - White
Product ID : M6198 $4.40 $5.50
Qty in stock : 158
Mehron Pro Pencil Dual Sharpener
Product ID : M6205 $4.40 $5.50
Qty in stock : 20
Mehron Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup - Yellow
Product ID : M6199 $4.40 $5.50
Qty in stock : 27