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Foam Clown Noses

Foam Clown Noses
Red foam clown noses are a staple of the circus, but they don't just come in red. We offer Goshman foam noses in a variety of colors, including orange, blue, black, and brown, as well as a variety of sizes. Each foam clown nose comes split and ready to be hollowed out for a comfortable fit. You can also adhere foam noses with light adhesives, such as spirit gum, liquid latex, or double stick tape. See our complete line of Adhesives and Removers. Available in smaller packages or in bulk.

Note: To keep your costs down, some foam products are condensed for shipping. If you receive a foam product (like multiple foam noses) that have been flattened for shipping, simply open them up, spread them out and they will return their original shape within a few hours.

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  • Red Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8")
    Product ID : K3201
    Price: $0.75
    Qty in Stock : 486
  • Red Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8") - 100 per pack
    Product ID : K3201-100
    $75.00 Sale Price: $70.00
    Qty in Stock : 4
  • Red Foam Clown Noses (2")
    Product ID : K3202
    Price: $1.00
    Qty in Stock : 621
  • Yellow Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8")
    Product ID : K3215
    Price: $0.80
    Qty in Stock : 247
  • Green Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8")
    Product ID : K3214
    Price: $0.80
    Qty in Stock : 68
  • Black Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8")
    Product ID : K3212
    Price: $0.80
    Qty in Stock : 200