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Giant Props

Giant Props
Giant foam props help clowns to perform skits that are big, physical and exaggerated - the best and funniest kind of clown comedy. Oversized props make the most ordinary actions funny. Everyone brushes their teeth, but when you perform that ordinary act with a giant toothbrush it suddenly becomes hilarious. We have a huge selection of giant foam props and oversized props to help you bring out the humor in any situation.

See our article : Clown Props and Routines
  • Jumbo Lollipops (9")
    Product ID : N1159
    Price: $3.00
    Qty in Stock : 133
  • Giant Syringes (22" Long)
    Product ID : N11438
    Price: $4.50
    Qty in Stock : 8
  • Giant 15 Inch Bandaid Sticker (1/pack)
    Product ID : N1016
    Price: $1.75
    Qty in Stock : 424