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Hospital Clown Supplies

Hospital Clown Supplies
Is there a doctor in the house? Hospital clown supplies take your doctor character to a new level of entertainment. Stethoscope gags, giant shots, and medical "records" props are among our wide selection of hospital clown props. Your comic doctor or nurse may not have a medical degree, but when you use these hospital clown props, there will be no doubt that laughter is the best medicine.

See our article : Hospital Clowning
  • Medical Record Gag
    Product ID : N1195
    Price: $5.75
    Qty in Stock : 226
  • Smiley Boo-Boo Bandage Stickers
    Product ID : Q1673
    Price: $8.00
    Qty in Stock : 17
  • Hospital Clowning Tote Bags
    Product ID : N12602
    Price: $6.50
    Qty in Stock : 67