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Lucky Clown Penny Stickers w/ Jumbo Penny

Lucky Clown Penny Stickers w/ Jumbo Penny
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Original Price: $9.00
Sale Price: $7.20
You Save: $1.80
Product ID: Q1624
Quantity In Stock: 1
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Set includes: one 3" sticker (Q1621), one roll of approximately 500 Lucky Clown Penny Stickers (Q1623), and one Jumbo Penny (N1151).

Lucky Clown Penny Patter:

Say to your audience, "Do you like money?" (Usually, the answer is, YES!)
"Well, I do too! And I have a Lucky Clown Penny. Let me tell you all about it (show YOUR large Clown Penny to the audience so they can see the writing.)
"When I was a little clown (or young,) a grownup (or big) clown gave me a Lucky Clown Penny and said, If I was Really, Really Good, then something neat could happen to my Clown Penny...AND IT DID! My Clown Penny grew BIGGER!! Isn't that terrific?" Then hand out regular-sized pennies with LCP stickers on them. We recommend you add a disclaimer such as: "You know, I can't promise that your penny will get bigger, but it will bring you good luck!"

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