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Jim Howle Clown Nose Tips - Round Size D (Dime)

Jim Howle Clown Nose Tips - Round Size D (Dime)
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Price: $18.00
Product ID: K31584
Quantity In Stock: 4
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Jim Howle's acrylic-latex compound noses. Size D Round nose tips made of an acrylic-coated latex core, with gloss red coating. Approximately the size of a US dime coin.

Each Jim Howle Clown Nose is hand-made, so noses of the same size can vary somewhat, and there may even be bits of glitter or minor imperfections on some noses. Also, noses may have traces of Nose Putty on the inside, because Jim uses a little bit of Putty to secure the nose while painting them. This is normal!

Jim recommends using Restickable Adhesive or Nose Putty with his noses, and an oil-based remover to keep these noses shiny and to remove adhesive residue.

Jim's nose tips can be Special Ordered in virtually any color and even glitter!

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