Bee Bodies
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1" x 60"
2" x 60"
3" x 50"
3" x 21" Bee
6" Heart
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Clowns Around Redford

monthly meeting in Dearborn

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Twisting Balloon Supplies

Twisting Balloon Supplies
Clown balloons are a staple of the art of clowning. Clown Antics offers mylar balloons for parties and twisting balloons so you can create all kinds of balloon animals and balloon sculptures. If you're just starting out we offer easy balloon animal instructions to help you through. Clown Antics has pumps and compressors, instructional books and videos, and a wide variety in shape and color of twisting balloons.

See our article : Twisting Balloons
  • Tie-A-Balloon
    Product ID : L1169
    Price: $7.00
    Qty in Stock : 80
  • The Balloon Tool - Instant Balloon Tying Tool
    Product ID : L11699
    Price: $8.00
    Qty in Stock : 446
  • 260 Pencil Balloons - Neon Assortment (100/bag)
    Product ID : L1069
    Price: $10.30
    Qty in Stock : 82