Second Place Winner of our Funniest Story Essay Contest

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Congratulations to Mary Jarrett!!!!

Mary was our second place winner with her essay “The Tale of Clown Taco and the Clown Kite” She won a certificate for $25.00 to use on our website. When Mary heard of our contest this was the first story that popped into her mind. She has been clowning for about a year                                            and a half. Here is Mary’s winning essay….

“The Tale of the Clown Taco and the Clown Kite! After a busy day of entertaining many happy children at Thunder Bay’s Benny Birch Party on the shores of Lake Superior, three members of the Thunder Bay Clown Club had the arduous task of taking down the tent canopy. It was, at that time, that we provided the best entertainment of the day! The wind was gusting and the tent material got hung up on the poles, prompting Twinkles to climb on a chair to loosen the snag. Just then the wind gusted and the material came loose, wrapping Twinkles from head to toe in layers of material… a Clown Taco! Meanwhile Darby and Dottie T. Clown were taking down the banner as the wind blew harder and sent them careening across the field, hanging on for dear life, hats and wigs askew…a Clown Kite! Yes our faces were as red as our clown noses, much to the delight of anyone who witnessed clowns….just being clowns!”

Keep your eyes out for our next ClownAntics contest. It will be listed on our Website and Facebook pages

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