Cinema Secrets

Cinema Secrets
Cinema Secrets, founded in 1984 by veteran Hollywood makeup artist Maurice Stein, is a leader in easy-to-use latex costume accessories. Cinema Secrets products are realistic, easy to apply, and reasonably priced; and Cinema Secret's line of Woochie prosthetics are famous throughout the industry. Clown Antics is proud to offer several fine Cinema Secrets products, including flesh-colored latex, adhesive remover, and Woochie clown noses and ear tips.
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Woochie Clown Noses
Woochie Gash Prosthetic Set
$8.00 $6.40
Woochie Large Pig Noses
Woochie FX Burn Scar
Woochie Cut Set EZ FX Prosthetic Kit
$10.50 $8.40
Woochie Large Witch Noses
$6.00 $4.80
Woochie Body Hits EZ FX Prosthetic Kit
$10.50 $8.40
Woochie World's Longest Noses
$9.00 $5.76
Woochie Elf Ear Tips
Woochie Elf Ear Tips - Small
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