Clown Props

Clown Props
Clown props are a central part of any clown's act. From giant foam letters to medical gag props to noise makers, puppets and stickers, we carry everything a clown needs to make clowning props a hilarious and versatile feature. Fill your pockets with pocket props and give outs, and put giant clown stage props in your case, your audience will laugh endlessly and remember your prop gags for days.
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Giant Scissors Prop (15")
Giant Syringes (22" Long)
Giant Thermometers (14")
Siren Whistles
Mosquito Whistles
Invisible Dog Leashes
Stool Sample Gag
Giant Comb (15") - Yellow
$2.50 $1.50
Squeakers - Medium
Smiley Heart Stickers
$3.50 $2.75
Bang Gun - Stage Size
Squirting Camera Gag
Squeakers - Large
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