Global Colours Face Paint

Global Colours Face Paint
"Global Colours Face Paint Cakes are highly pigmented, high quality face paints that blend in smoothly. Global Face Paints are made with unique color pigments to deliver consistent finish during each repeated use. PLEASE NOTE: Global Neon colors have not been tested by FDA for cosmetic use and is currently labeled for special FX only. However, independent lab testings have cleared these for cosmetic use. Global Liquid Face Paints are richly pigmented and strongly concentrated liquid makeup ideal for face and body art applications. Easy to use with either brush or sponge. Stays gentle on skin. Global FX Glitter is cosmetic grade polyester glitter in a non alcoholic gel, ideal for a lot of shining design accents ranging from teardrops, dots, bindis, henna designs to tribal designs."
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Global Colours Standard Face Paints (32 gm)
Global Colours Neon (32 gm)
Global Colours Liquid Face Paints (1.5 oz/45 ml)
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