Juggling supplies are important for any clown. Whether you use juggling balls, juggling sticks, diabolos, juggling clubs, juggling rings, spinning plates, or are just starting out with juggling scarves, you'll find what you need here. These juggling props and juggling equipment are favored by professional clowns of every kind, as well as other performers who need their juggling supplies to be the best they can buy. Our juggling products are just what you're looking for.
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Vinyl Juggling Bags - Junior 2.25"
Higgins Brothers Spinning Plates - Red
Juggling Scarves
Vinyl Juggling Bags - Large 2.75"
Higgins Brothers Glow Clubs (3 Piece Set)
Higgins Brothers Devil Sticks (Set of 2)
Devil Sticks
Circus in a Suitcase
Dr. Dropo's Juggling Buffoonery - Fife
$11.00 $8.80
Higgins Bros Juggling Rings
Fire Sticks from Dube