Kryolan Clown Makeup & Paint Supplies

Kryolan Clown Makeup & Paint Supplies
Kryolan, with over sixty years in the makeup business, is a manufacturer of professional makeup for theater, film, and television outlets around the globe. Though based in Europe, Kryolan is definitely an American favorite, with an assortment of face paints, fixing sprays, adhesives, makeup brushes, and other accessories. Try one of our Kryolan products today.
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Kryolan Aquacolor Face Paint Refills (4 ml)
Kryolan Brush - Fine Point
$2.75 $2.40
Kryolan Aquacolor Foundation Face Paint (1.4 oz)
Kryolan Aquacolor Makeup Liners (0.5 oz)
Kryolan Brush - #3 Round
$2.75 $2.50
Black Feathery Long Eyelashes
$7.70 $7.00
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