Mehron, founded in 1927 by Hollywood makeup artist Mehron Melik, is the home of professional stage and movie makeup made in the USA. Mehron applies the knowledge it's gained over eight decades of professional makeup production to its entire range of goods and services. Clown Antics is pleased to offer several things from the Mehron line, including face paints, clown makeup, brushes, and other professional makeup accessories.
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Mehron Ultrafine Setting Powder (1 oz)
Mehron Spirit Gum Adhesive
Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint Tubes (1 oz)
Mehron Clown White Makeup
Mehron Glitter Dust - Dynamite Red (0.25 oz)
Ben Nye Banana Powder Alternatives
Mehron Paradise Pro Face Paints - Basic Colors (1.4 oz)
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