Ruby Red

Ruby Red
Ruby Red face paints are long wearing, highly pigmented semi-solid cakes that can be easily activated with just a few drops of water. They apply smoothly and dry fast within 20 to 30 seconds. Gary Cole, a veteran in the face painting industry, launched the Ruby Red brand in February 2014. Ruby Red is made in the USA with quality ingredients and packaging from American suppliers. The company aims to provide the safest face paints that can be comfortably used by children and families.
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Ruby Red Stickable Gems
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Ruby Red Dotter Wand
Ruby Red Gecko Sponge Brush Holders
Ruby Red Face Painting Stamps - Star
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Ruby Red Face Paint Refills (2 ml)
Ruby Red Face Paints (18 ml)
Ruby Red Face Paints - Classic Palette
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Ruby Red Face Painting Stamps - Seal
$3.00 $2.45
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