Affiliate Program's Affiliate Program gives you access to a great company which makes it easy to earn cash. Learn how to professionally market over 5,000 products online using tools made available through our Idev Affiliate network software.
Why Join the Affiliate Program?
As a member of the Affiliate Program, you'll be treated as a part of our marketing team. Enrich your website with our clown supply products. offers thousands of products and loads of content to help you succeed in the online marketplace as an affiliate partner.
Earn Commissions ALL Year Round
  • 10% Commission per sale (except on drop ship items, which are shipped directly from manufacturer)
  • Weekly review & payment ($100 minimum payment)
  • Can be in any state in the United States
  • No Chargeback Policy
  • Over 5,000 products online available via data feeds and data tools
  • Deep Linking permitted
  • Text links galore
  • Adware/Loyaltyware Free!
How to Sign Up for our Affiliate Program:
Our IdevAffiliate Software allows you to sign up right now in one swift application! Please allow 7 days for approval as we manually approve all applications. It's best to follow up with an email if you'd like to expedite your application's approval. This way we learn the most about you, our affiliates and to best accommodate your needs. To see more info, see our User Manual

If you think that YOU would benefit from our Affiliate Program and would like more information, please contact:
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