Animated Coca-Cola Picture Magic Trick (Damaged)

Animated Coca-Cola Picture Magic Trick (Damaged)

D. Robbins

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Animated Coca-Cola Picture Magic Trick is a visual illusion that is performed with an audience member. Holding the picture for the audience to see, the magician gives the volunteer a straw and asks them to sip on the straw as if they are drinking a soda. To the amazement of the audience, the full bottle of Coca-Cola in the picture will noticeably decrease until it is nearly empty! The magic effect and is a hit at children's magic shows, comedy acts and other entertainment performances. The trick comes with instructions and the 11.75" x 6" picture, which is laminated and made with board and wood.

Note that these items have some minor damage to the cola image, but this very cool trick works and looks just fine from audience distance.

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