Bad Ass Brow Stencil Bundle - Eccentric (BABB4804)

Bad Ass Brow Stencil Bundle - Eccentric (BABB4804)

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Bad Ass Brow Bundles are thematic bundles of 10 eyebrow designs perfect for creating a variety of eye designs or accents. The Eccentric Brow Stencil Bundle includes designs: Cirque (4018), Fire (4040), Slide (4028), Slide 2 (4037), Robo (4044), Slant 3 (4038), Hatter (4045), Wave (4042), Leafy (4047) and Spock (4050).

Bad Ass Stencils are high quality stencils that can be used for painting intricate details. Made of high quality Mylar, these stencils are highly durable and reusable. They are thin and flexible and perfect for application with brush, sponge or airbrush. Clean with just soap and water or alcohol if preferred.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bad Ass Brow Stencils:

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