Ben Nye Lumiere Brilliant Face Palettes ESP-94 (8 Colors)

Ben Nye Lumiere Brilliant Face Palettes ESP-94 (8 Colors)

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The Ben Nye 8-Color Lumiere Brilliant Palette is filled with a variety luminous shimmery pressed powder make up in a refillable, professional metal case. Each color is 2.6 grams.

You can apply Lumiere colors dry with a brush so your overall finish shines with tremulous light. Or dab with a wet brush or sponge and apply for a more intense twinkle. Either way, Lumiere face paints add distinct illumination to your face paint designs.

Not just for finishing, you can also use Ben Nye Lumiere makeup as a base of face paint as well.

The Brilliant Ben Nye Lumiere Palette includes: LUR-6 Sun Yellow, LUR-7 Tangerine, LUR-17 Cosmic Violet, LUR-13 Royal Purple, LUR-11 Turquoise, LUR-12 Cosmic Blue, LUR-8 Chartreuse, and LUR-16 Azalea.

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