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Ben Nye Luxe Sparkle Powder - Cosmic Violet LXS-17 (0.28 oz)

Ben Nye

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Ben Lumiere Luxe Powder plus high quality polyester gitter--this makes Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder a versatile and fun product to use for any face or body painting event, whether it's for a stage show or for a kid's party or school event.

Ben Nye Luxe powder can be applied in a variety of ways. You can dust Luxe Sparkle powder in your hair for shimmery highlights. Use a dry brush to apply it all over the skin for subtle shimmer; or for more precision and to create designs, dip a brush in LiquiSet, dip in Luxe and paint it straight onto the skin. The creativity that Luxe allows is endless. You can also use Luxe with stencils. Place the stencil down on the skin, apply LiquiSet and Luxe Powder, remove the stencil and you have a wonderful easy design.

You can also try dusting Luxe Sparkle Powder over a light layer of baby oil for a radiant sparkle effect.

0.28 ounce container has shaker top for controlled application.