Cameleon 6 Color Mini Face Paint Palettes - Neon Party (8 gm)

Cameleon 6 Color Mini Face Paint Palettes - Neon Party (8 gm)

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Cameleon 6 Color Neon Party or Adult Party Mini Face Paint Palettes contain six neon face paints, 8 grams each and a petal brush. 6 Color Adult Party Palette is great for a variety of bright and colorful designs that pop really well under blacklight to give stunning effects. Also ideal for professionals during events and workshops.

Cameleon UV/Neon Face Paints are bold under normal light and shine more intensely under blacklight. Neon colors are sheerer under normal light, so more face paint might be needed for an opaque coverage. UV/Neon colors are very intense under blacklight and require only a thin layer of the product. Great for use in dance clubs, bowling alleys or parties where blacklight is used.

Includes colors: Foxy, Pink Flamingo, Toxic, Kryptonite, Super Nova and Abyss.

Cameleon highly pigmented face paints provide bright colors & great coverage that is perfect for face and body art. Cameleon face paint blends in smoothly and stays comfortable on skin for longer duration without fading or cracking. Cameleon paints use glycerin and paraffin wax based formulation that makes them very soft.

Cameleon water activated paints require very less amount of water and are easy to apply and remove with a sponge or brush. Can be easily removed with soap and water. However, due to their strong pigmentation, some mild staining might remain.

Cameleon face paints are free of any perfume, sulfates or parabens, making them safe to use on sensitive skin, especially on children. Cameleon Baseline colors are approved for cosmetic use by EU and US FDA. Neon colors are approved for special effects only. As per US FDA recommendations, reds and blues (including greens and purples) and neon colors should not be used around eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for a long time. Avoid contact with upholstery, fabric and carpet.

We recommend a patch test prior to face painting, by placing a small amount of face paint on the wrist. If there is no reaction within 30 minutes, then the product can be safely used. We advise you to read all safety information and tips about Cameleon here.

Each 6 color 8 gram Cameleon Palette is good for 40-120 applications.

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