Captain Visual's One Balloon Handbook - Giovinco

Captain Visual's One Balloon Handbook - Giovinco

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Captain Visual's One Balloon Handbook teaches you how to make over fifty creative designs with just one balloon. Among the balloon designs you will learn to make are: The Basic Dog, Hot Dog, French Poodle, Giraffe, Mouse, Rabbit Running, Rabbit Sitting, Cat Running, Cat Sitting, Elephant, Teddy Bear, Pig, Horse, Alligator, Cow, Deer, Ram, Camel, Dinosaur, Lion, Tiger, Panther in Pink, Mister Mouse, Wacky Rabbit, Rubber Ducky, Swan, Bird, Humming Bird, Bumble Bee, Bird on a Swing, Parrot, Heart, Lovebirds on a Heart, Clown, Ballerina, Space Man, Muscle Man, Jet Plane, Bike, Turtle, Mighty Turtle, Sword, Belt Sword Holder, Machine Gun, Cobra, Indian Hat, Space Helmet, Heart Hat, Heart Wand, Lips, Flower, Fish and Shark! This revived edition features Captain Visual's classic Guide to Twists and Turns! 41 pages, 8.5" x 11", coil binding, black and white.

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