Clown Lunch Box Magic Trick

Clown Lunch Box Magic Trick

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Make objects magically appear with the Clown Lunch Box. With this prop you will learn how to turn everyday food items into magic trick props! Impress audiences with illusions in what appears to be a regular lunch pail. Spectators will stare in disbelief as you present the box empty and seconds later, reveal the lunch box magically filled! Lunch Box container is made out of solid wood with a sturdy metal handle, brass hinges and casters attached to the bottom for standing the box upright. The well made Lunch Box measures 9 inches x 4 inches x 7 inches and features a silk screened clown design on the front. The case can hold all sorts of objects, from foam and plastic props to food and candy or even a live dove! Clown Lunchbox is a great prop to add to your clown magic routine or used in conjunction with the popular Peanut Butter and Jelly Trick.

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