Dissolvo Disappearing Paper Magic Trick (Small Pad)

Dissolvo Disappearing Paper Magic Trick (Small Pad)

D. Robbins

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Dissolvo is a unique water soluble paper that looks and feels like ordinary paper. Ask your audience if they have heard of the Bermuda Triangle and how planes and ships would vanish when they entered the area. After assuring your audience that you have a glass of authentic water from within the mysterious triangle, proceed to make a paper airplane and a paper boat (origami lessons not included). Drop the paper into a clear bowl of water, and watch it disappear! You can also write, print, stamp etc., on Dissolvo. To dissolve, immerse it in water and with one swish, it is gone without a trace. Works faster in warm water, slower in cold. A classic use for ministry is to have a spectator write one of his sins on the paper, and then put it in a clear glass and cover it with water. As the water is poured back and forth from one glass to another, the paper vanishes before everyone's eyes. A very powerful and dramatic effect. 25 sheets, 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"

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