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Face Paints Australia - Essential Blue Mid (30g)

Face Paints Australia

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Face Paints Australia is a wax based line of face paint that goes on smoothly on skin, and dries quickly to a matte coverage. Face Paints Australia Essential Face Paints can be used for line work, outlining, detailing and base work. Essential Blue Mid Face Paint is perfect for designs such as 4th of July, underwater themes, dolphins, superheroes, butterflies, eye designs and more holiday designs or Halloween. Comes in 30 gm size.

Activate the surface of the cake with a damp brush or sponge to reach a creamy consistency and then apply on skin. It is not recommended to add water directly to cake to avoid running of colors in case of too much water. After use, the paint can be easily washed off with mild soap and water. Follow up with baby oil or cosmetic makeup remover to remove any residue.

FPA is non toxic and hypoallergenic, suitable for use on children in parties, fairs, festivals and holidays. Highly pigmented formula is smudge-resistant and works great for professional use. Face Paints Australia is popular among acclaimed artists in the industry, such as Dutch Bihary, Jenny Saunders, Kristin Olsson, Lynne Jamieson, Nick Wolfe, Prima Barton and Sally-Ann Lynch to name a few.

Face Paints Australia, owned and distributed by Australian based Looney Bin Products Pvt Ltd, is vegan and not tested on animals. A patch test is recommended prior to use. Discontinue use in case of any reaction. Adult supervision recommended for use on children below 6 years. After use, dry the cake completely and then store in a dry, cool place without exposure to light. Use within 18 months of opening. Avoid contact with fabric.