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GraffitiEyes Ultimate GraffitiEyes Stencil Kit


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GraffitiEyes Ultimate GraffitiEyes Stencils kit contains three 2.5" x 5" stencils featuring 20 geometric shapes such as triangle, hearts, stars, squares, halftones etc. Ultimate GraffitiEyes stencils are specially created for adding small details close to eyes. The GraffitiEyes stencil kit also includes 1 step-by-step instruction card.

GraffitiEyes by Lea Selley, are laser cut, durable mylar stencils perfect for quick creation of impressive face painting designs. GraffitiEyes stencils are easy to use and clean. The graffiti collection includes perfectly shaped stencil sheets great to fit by the eyes, for full body art, and to add full face design. The geometric shapes are ideal for creating face and arm designs. GraffitiEyes Stencils can be used with split cakes and rainbow cakes.

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