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Graftobian ProPaint 12 Color Metallic/Neon Master Palette


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Graftobian ProPaint Metallic/Neon Master Palette contains 12 vibrant ProPaint colors in a stylish, easy-to-carry, snapcase box. The ProPaint Palette box is easy to clean and is a great mess-free way to keep your ProPaint colors organized. This palette includes 4 Regular colors and 4 Metallic colors that are safe to use on face and body, as well as 4 Neon colors that are perfect for hair and Special FX designs.

Graftobian ProPaint Metallic/Neon Master Palette includes 1 oz/30 ml each of color: Gilded Gold, Silver Sterling, Clockwork Copper, Pearl Frost, Shocking Pink, Electric Yellow, Atomic Orange, Radioactive Green, Magenta, Eggplant, Second Skin, and Aztec Turquoise.

Graftobian ProPaint is a strongly pigmented, glycerin-based formulation that works great for rich, non-greasy coverage over large areas of the body. ProPaint provides long lasting coverage with lesser amount of the product than similar products from other brands. It blends in smoothly to provide a rich, vibrant coverage that can stay on all day without peeling or cracking.

ProPaint is easy to apply with a sponge or brush and dries fast to give a smear resistant finish.

Important Note: ProPaint Regular colors are approved for use on face, hair, nails and body. Neon colors have not been approved by the US FDA for cosmetic use and are considered Special FX products intended for hair and nails only. The US FDA advises against use of neon colors around eyes or lips and recommends these colors not be left on skin for extended time.