Graftobian Stamptoos - Skull and Bones

Graftobian Stamptoos - Skull and Bones


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Stamp on a tattoo with Graftobian Face Paint Stamps. These stamps are as easy as stamping the due date on a library book: quick, simple and anyone can do it.

Graftobian Face Paint Stamps are designed for the beginner face painter or for someone who is doing a lot of faces/cheeks in a short amount of time. They are perfect for parties and for children who would like to participate in the face painting fun.

The stamps are sturdy and made of wood, so they are easy to grip. The design area is approximately 1.25 inches by 1.875 inches and are made of deeply cut rubber so that the designs applies cleanly and distinctly, no fuzzy images. So you have a lot of squirmy, won't-sit-still-for-a-second customers to face paint? Stamp 'em!

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