Higgins Brothers Glow Clubs (3 Piece Set)

Higgins Brothers

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Illuminate your performance with the Higgins Brother set of 3 Glow Clubs. The light up juggling clubs produce a brilliant visual effect that are fun to use and watch! The glow-in-the-dark clubs will impress the audience, making it a show they'll never forget. LED juggling clubs are ideally suited for dark, nighttime settings or in light settings during the day. Clubs can be used by beginner to professional jugglers and make a spectacular addition to routines, performances and shows!

Glow Clubs are standard sized clubs equipped with two LED assemblies, one in the handle and one in the body. Each LED assembly runs on three LED batteries. The vibrant blue clubs feature the same high quality design as the other Higgins Brothers Unibody Clubs, built to withstand maximum use. Glow Clubs are specially molded in a semi transparent polyethylene to allow the LED lights to shine through. The set includes three LED light juggling clubs measuring 19.5 inches apiece. Each club weighs 200 grams.

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