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Klutz Face Painting Kits (6 Colors)


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A clear favorite among parents, the Klutz Face Painting Kit is the most popular face painting kit in the world. It has received the "Parent's Choice Gold Award" and "The Canadian Toy Testing Council Award of Excellence".

And why not? This kit includes 83 fabulous face, body and cheek designs and detailed step by step instruction for all of them. It also shows you simple sponge and brush techniques which come in handy when you are painting faces. It is inspirational and instructional. It can't get any easier than this: Klutz has created twelve laminated tear-out cheat sheets.

Wolfe Brothers Face Paint is included in the kit: six non-toxic, water-based Wolfe Brothers face paints--blue, red, yellow, green, black and white enough for about 20 faces. Wolfe face paint is easy to apply and goes on evenly. Once applied, Wolfe face paint will not smear under normal circumstances; the colors remain bright and are comfortable to wear.

The Klutz Face Painting Kit also comes in a convenient travel case with a face painting brush and sponge. Spiral-bound hardcover, 50 pages.