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Kryolan Pintura Clown White Makeup (20 gm)


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Kryolan Pintura Clown White is a highly pigmented, intense and deeply colored cream makeup that provides maximum whiteness with excellent coverage. Pintura Clown White is a great bright white makeup, perfect for painting events, Halloween, carnivals, cosplay, professional face and body painting theatrical designs.

Kryolan's Pintura Makeup is made of dermatologically approved, CE child-friendly, high quality ingredients. Pintura Clown White is suitable for face and body painting on children as well as adults. The rich, color intensive makeup is gluten free. The paint is vibrant and opaque so that your design stays distinct. It doesn't crack once dry and dries quickly to a smudge-proof and durable finish. Easily removable with a makeup remover.

Kryolan Pintura Clown White comes in a 0.71 ounce (20 gm) container.