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Kryolan Pintura Natural Biodegradable Glitter Set - 4 Colors


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Kryolan Pintura Natural Glitter is a natural cellulose based, plastic free, biodegradable, cosmetic grade, vegan face and body glitter. Pintura Natural Glitter is great for face and body painting events, Halloween, carnivals, cosplay, theatrical makeup.

Pintura Glitter shouldn't be exposed to water for long time as it is water soluble. Water free adhesives such as Kryolan Pintura Effects Wax can be sed for sticking Kryolan Glitter. First apply Kryolan Pintura Effects Wax onto the desired area and then sprinkle with Pintura Natural Glitter. Easily washable with just soap and water.

Set of 4 colors, comes in 5 gm stackable container.