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Kryvaline Purple Creamy Line Fluorescent (30 gm)


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Kryvaline Creamy Line Fluorescent Purple is a high quality cake that can be used to add fluorescence for Neon/UV Special FX under blacklight. After extensive research by body art experts and cosmetic technologists, these Neon shades are a specially formulated, high quality product that blends more smoothly than regular paints. Kryvaline Creamy colors are a favorite among professionals and come highly recommended by renowned face painter, Lisa Joy Young. They provide great coverage and also work great for detailing and patterns. Creamy line cakes are activated with a minimal amount of water and apply easily using a paint brush, sponge or with a stencil. Fluorescent Colors are ideal to use in glow in the dark bowling alleys, night clubs and other events where black lights are used.

Kryvaline Creamy Line colors are hypo-allergenic and non staining, formulated with wax based ingredients and non-toxic, FDA compliant fluorescent pigments. Each 30 gram container gives 50-200 applications.

Please Note: The US FDA recommends against use of red, blue, green and purple paint around eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for a long time. Neon colors have not been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use and are considered Special FX products. The US FDA advises against use of Neon colors around eyes or lips and recommends these colors not be left on skin for extended time. Avoid contact with upholstery, fabric and carpet.