Middle Diddle Silks (10 Inch)

Middle Diddle Silks (10 Inch)

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In this easy and fun trick, a silk is knotted through the hole in the end red of the board. After a pass behind your back, the silk has jumped to the opposite end, now appearing in the hole in the yellow section. This is repeated until the audience realizes that you are turning the board around behind your back, and the end sections are differently colored on the opposite sides of the board. You appear stunned at the accusation, and pass the board behind your back once again. This time, the silk appears tied through the hole in the middle of the board, proving the silk really does magically jump from hole to hole! A compact flat item with the popular Monkey Bar sucker effect, this comes complete with special mechanical board (making this very easy to do), silk, and full instructions. Measures 10 inches diagonally.

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