My 50 Other Favorite Walkarounds

My 50 Other Favorite Walkarounds

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50 more of the funniest walkaround gag ideas ever (includes silly sketches of the props, suggested uses and constructions tips). Includes: Cap-Gun, Pigs in a Blanket, Holy Bible, Hand Gun, Mouse Trap, Prescription Sunglasses, Hoop Man, Ugly Baby, No - Not More Taxes, Stockings for a Caterpillar, Bat Collection, Computer Dating, Stinky, Revenge, Busted, Smile, Friendship, Sorry - Honey, Swat Team, Car(p) Phone, Wild Ant, Drill Team, Dog Catcher, State Fly Swatter, Funny Bone, Safe Cracker, Hot Dog/Bun, Mental Floss, Ham Sandwich, Can of P's, Vegetable Truck, Pride and Joy, Heavy Weight, My CD Collection, Flowering Crab Tree, Horse-Fly, House-Fly, 3-Foot Yard Stick, Sketch Artist, 14 Carrot Necklace, Apple Computer, Bugs Bunny, Antique Lawn Mower, Baseball Bat Collection, Royal Flush, Spring Flowers, Knuckle Sandwich, Holy Mackerel, Shoe Horn, Dragon Fly. 26-page, illustrated paperback.

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