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Pop Stencil - Spidey Set #230

Pop Stencils

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Pop Stencils are easy to use, reusable face painting stencils great for adding quick, detailed designs to your face and body art. Pop Stencils are high quality stencils, cut on flexible 190 micron mylar and allow the stencil to curve with the shape of the face and easily fit any desired area. The durable stencils come in a wide range of beautifully themed designs, makes a great addition to any kit. Pop Stencils is a company based in Glasgow's East End, UK. Designed by renowned face and body painting artist Lisa Good.

Spidey Set #230 Stencil includes set of 2 spider inspired stencils that fit on face and arm perfectly and are great for cheek art and arm designs. Perfect for Halloween themed designs, super hero masks, creepy arm bands etc.

Pop Stencils are super fun and perfect for application with brush, sponge or airbrush. Pop Stencils can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times, if handled with gentle care. Wipe the stencil gently with a wet cloth or sponge to clean and let air dry. The tough stains can be removed by wiping with coconut or olive oil.