Silk-Cola with Pringles Magic Trick

Silk-Cola with Pringles Magic Trick

Daytona Magic

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The Silk-Cola magic trick is an audience favorite that is quick and easy to learn for amateur and professional performers. For the effect, the magician places an empty bottle of Coca Cola into the empty Pringles can and seals it with the lid. Next, the can is given to a volunteer in the audience to hold while the magician presents a silk and makes it disappear. The magician then asks the volunteer to re-open the Pringles can with the soda bottle. Amazingly, when the participant opens the can, they find the missing silk inside the sealed bottle!

A true classic and great addition to your magic routine, the transportation effect in the silkola routine is enjoyed by children and adults alike. The magic trick kit includes two silks, an empty bottle of Coca Cola and a gimmick Pringles can.

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