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Tinsley Transfers Gorywood Animal Attack Temporary Tattoos

Tinsley Transfers

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Tinsley Transfers Animal Attack Temporary Tattoos are high quality, skin-safe temporary tattoos that can be used to create stunningly realistic body injury effects. Tinsley Temporary Tattoos are self-adhesive and can be applied easily with just water without requiring any additional glue or adhesive.

After applying the tattoo pieces, follow up with some fake blood (sold separately) over it and let it run down from the wound pieces.

Average tattoo size is 2.5" x 2", Tattoo Sheet Size: 8" X 6"

More about using Tinsley FX Temporary Tattoos:

Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos are hypo-allergenic and made in the USA with FDA approved medical grade ingredients that are safe to use on skin.

Tinsley Transfers does not recommend using the transfers on sensitive skin or close to eyes. Also not recommended if your skin is allergic to adhesives of any kind.