Triple Prediction Chocolate Bar Magic Trick

Triple Prediction Chocolate Bar Magic Trick

Ickle Pickle

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Triple Prediction Candy Bar is an extremely popular mental magic trick from Ickle Pickle. The act involves 4 giant playing cards: 1 Prediction card and the 3 Chocolate Bar cards, each featuring a different chocolate brand on the face (M&M's, Butterfinger and Kit-Kat). For the trick, the magician sets the Prediction card aside face down and has a volunteer shuffle the remaining three cards. With the cards facing down, the volunteer is asked to choose one card to keep, one to give to the magician and the third card to place in a paper bag. Finally, the magician turns over the first Prediction card, which accurately indicates where each of the 3 Chocolate Bar cards was placed! This is a fantastic and easy mentalism trick that is fully self-contained, requiring no sleight of hand or prior set up and can be performed at close range! The magic trick comes with 4 jumbo playing cards and 1 paper bag. See Demonstration Video:

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