Twist With Sam DVD - Vol 1 & 2

Twist With Sam DVD - Vol 1 & 2

Tee Kam Bee (Sam Tee)

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Learn to twist and sculpt balloons in minutes with international twister Sam Tee ("Uncle Button"). This high quality DVD set includes 46 balloon sculptures, from beginner level to simple multi-balloon cartoon characters. Balloons used are mostly Traditional and Entertainer 260 assortments, a couple use small hearts, one figure uses a White 646 and a Black 350. Includes: Dog, Mouse, Giraffe, Squirrel, Rabbit, Elephant, Parrot, Swan, Two Love Birds, Teddy Bear, Cat, Dinosaur, Monkey, Horse, Butterfly, Fish, Sword 1, Sword 2, Helmet, Ray Gun, Heart In A Heart, Aeroplane, Turban, Dove, Boing Boing Flower, Six Petal Flower, Teddy Bear With Heart, Double Swan, Bracelet, Cutie Rabbit, Double Poodle In Heart, Panther, Mama Poodle, Harley Balloonson, Crabby Crab, Tweety Bird, Ducky Duck, Pink Panther, Godzilla, Dino Hat, Crown, Star Hat, Braided Heart, Rabbit, Snowman, Rainbow Hat

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