Wolfe Cheat Book - Animals, Vol 3 - Wolfe Face Art

Wolfe Cheat Book - Animals, Vol 3 - Wolfe Face Art

Wolfe FX

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"The Wolfe FX Cheat Book Volume 3" from Wolfe is a face paint book with 15 Animal faces with full color photos and step by step instructions. Wolfe is the high demand and high quality face paint. They know their faces and their paint. This book is for the face painter who has a little bit of experience: Wolfe Cheat Books assume you know the basics of face paint application. The book has a handy spiral binding so that it lays flat on a surface so that it is easy to flip through and to look at while you are painting. It is also very sturdy and will stand up to a lot of use and spilled paint.

Designs included: Chameleon, Bat, Butterfly, Giraffe, Blue jay, Rattlesnake, Fish, Peacock, Zebra, Tiger, Chimp, Cheetah, T-Rex, Wolfe, Insect.

Half size, 30-page, photo paperback.

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