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Wolfe FX Kits - Wolfman (4 colors)

Wolfe FX

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From Wolfe, the leader in Face Paints, comes the Wolf Novelties Wolfman Face Painting Kit that is easy-to-use. It comes with color photos to show you the way. What better way to make perfect and easy Wolfman face painting designs? Wolfe paint is the high-in-demand face paint that goes on smoothly and evenly and does not smear or crack once it is on the skin.

Wolfe makeup is water based face painting makeup and is safe and non-toxic. Wolfe face paint makeup is less likely to smear or rub off, is comfortable to wear, and cleans up easily with soap and water; this makes is markedly different from Grease Paint.

The Wolfe Wolfman Face Painting Kit contains one brown cake, three face paint sticks (red, black, white) and one applicator sponge. The detailed step-by-step instruction booklet has color photos so that even the novice can see their way through this Wolfman Face Painting kit.

The Wolfe Wolfman Face Painting Kit is perfect for playtime with kids or for parties and Halloween.