World's Funniest Clown Skits - DeChant

World's Funniest Clown Skits - DeChant

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World's Funniest Clown Skits by Barry Bonzo DeChant includes fifty of the most hilarious, high-spirited, comedy clown skits of all time. Includes the most popular new skits as well as classic favorites with new twists included. Each of the skits has been carefully selected for ease in presentation and high audience appeal. Skits for one clown: Busy Bee, Carpet Layer, Cooking Lesson, Dove In The Bag, ESP-Mindreader #1, Suckers On The Line. Skits for two clowns: Baby Bill, Banana Bandana, Broom Swing, Busy Bee, Clown Shoot-Out, Dead And Alive, Disappearing Water, ESP-Mindreader #2, ESP-Mindreader #3, Hamburger Stand, Painters, The Pickpocket, Ring-Ring, Stagecoach, Stargazer, Talking Machine, Telescope, Throw Away Garbage Can, Tide-All-Cheer, Tug Rope, Two On A Chair. Skits for three clowns Balloon Chase, The Box, Boxing Match, Busy Bee, Dentist, The Jugglers, Just One Hand, Levitation, Little Sir Echo, Niagara Falls, Welcome Party. Skits for four or more clowns Clown Aerobics, Construction Company, Curing Machine, Dentist's Waiting Room, Dividing The Check, Dr. Bluebonnet, Fashion show, Mr. Know-It-All, Photographer, Reducing Machine, Seascape, Twelve Days Of Clowning. 1/2 size, 190-page illustrated paperback.

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