2-Minute Pikachu Balloon Art Video by Balloon Josh

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie is coming really soon! So, you're going to need to know how to make the main character, Pikachu, from your balloons really quick and easy! Kids will surely want to get their hands on a Pikachu balloon art!

Here's an easy and quick guide on how to create superheroes brought to you by our favorite balloon master, Balloon Josh!

So this is going to be my character head design. Now I love versatile designs, they can easily be changed to create many different things and not just one design. So this design I'm about to teach you, I think is perfect for a lot of the kids' favorite cartoon characters right now.

For example, if you do it in these colors, it's very easily Sonic the Hedgehog. Or if you do it in white and pink, it's Hello Kitty. A couple of changes, the exact same balloon, it's Pikachu! Again, same balloon, different colors, can be made into Minnie Mouse! Take off the bow, it's Mickey!

This can also very easily be changed into a very quick Paw Patrol. So this is my character balloon that we're going to be learning!

For Pikachu, we're going to need two yellow balloons, and you want roughly 4-5" inches of uninflated balloon. I'm going to start with a loop twist, and you're going to wrap the knot around, and tuck the knot through the loop twist to keep it from coming undone. You're going to follow this up with two more identical loop twists. You want them to be as close to the same size as possible.

You now have three loop twists. Then we're going to go up about a hand width, and we're going to make a once inch bubble, and that's going to be a pinch twist. The extra part, you're going to tie that back around the base, where the loop twists are. So there are the three loop twists and the two bubbles coming out of the top.

You're going to bring this back up, tie it around the pinch twist again, and then back down to the loop twists one more time. You should have the three loop twists and above it, you have this quad bubble with a pinch twist at the top.

Take the other yellow balloon and tie that around the base of the quad bubble where the three loops twists are, and tuck it in. Then we're going to go up a little bit more than a hand width, because we want it to stick out just a bit. Then we do a one inch bubble for a pinch twist, that's going to be the center of our ear, and then we're going to do a 1 1/2"-2" bubble. Then we're going to repeat that. So you have two 1 1/2"-2" bubbles, and then you push that pinch twist in between the middle of those - don't push it all the way through! Then you do another one inch bubble, tie that around the pinch twists at the top of the head, and then you'll do another one inch bubble, followed by another smaller bubble for the pinch twist. Then we're going to make our two 1 1/2"-2" bubbles, which are going to be the second ear. And again, you tuck the pinch twist into the bubble.

Now we're going to make another bubble that's roughly a little bit longer than a hand width, and tie that back around the base of the three loop twists and break off the excess. Then the remainder, you just tie that around and tuck it into the quad. This is the base of our Pikachu head. After we position everything, get the ears turned facing forward, we'll give him his face.

Take your Sharpie or whatever marker you have, and draw at the ears. Again we do my favorite character, the Pacman eyes. They're very easy eyes to draw, and also look very animated. This is the way Disney used to do all of their characters' eyes. Give him some eyebrows, a little nose, and draw a fun mouth. This mouth I actually got from a picture of Pikachu. One of the little details that people forget for Pikachu, is his red cheeks. Here's out Pikachu!

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Joshua Clark popularly known as Balloon Josh is a professional balloon twisting master! He made various tutorial videos for us and even did several Facebook Live sessions in our fan page.

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