Costume Wigs

Costume Wigs
Costume wigs are an important part of your clown costume. A costume wig can tell your audience about your persona immediately, just from the color and texture of your costume hair. we have a wide range of adult costume wigs and also smaller costume wigs for kids to help your young ones find their inner clowns as well. Our wigs for costumes are comfortable and durable, and we offer accessories for care and storage. The right wigs and costumes can really help your clown come to life.
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Nylon Wig Cap
Karmae Wig
Karmae Wig W12799
Loca Small Clown Wig
Bald Curly Clown Wig
Bald Clown Straight Wig
Fun Flip Wig
Curly Medium Wig
Silly Boy Wig
Small Raggedy Andy Wig
Afro Clown Wig
Crazy Curly Clown Wig - Rainbow
$14.00 $11.20
Short Tramp Bald Wig
Alicia Bald Clown Straight Wig
Crazy Curly Clown Wig - Red
$14.00 $11.20
Wet Look Curly Wig
Wig Scrunchies (each)
China Doll Wig
Crazy Curly Clown Wig - Blue
$14.00 $11.20
Cindy Wig
Cindy Wig W1075SUN
Disco Curly Clown Wig
Silly Boy Bald Deluxe Wig
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