Pranks & Gags

Pranks & Gags
Jokes and pranks are the stock-in-trade of clowns; that's why Clown Antics offers so many different types of pranks and gags. Take a look at the ear on a stick, the magic light bulb, and the delayed snake in a can. Kids and audiences alike love the gun with a pop-out 'bang' flag, as well as the nerd glasses and the 'running nose.' With such a variety to choose from, is it any wonder that so many clowns choose Clown Antics as their go-to gag shop?
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Surprising Arm Gag
Bang Gun - Stage Size
Magic Light Bulb Tricks
Nerd Glasses
Stretchy String Prop
Fake Hypo Syringe Gag
Phoney Faucet Gag
$5.00 $4.50
Giant Rubber Ears
Squirting Rose Gag
$2.50 $2.00
Extending Fork Gag
Whoopie Cushions
Dime In Ring Gag
$3.00 $1.90
Squirt Ketchup Gag
Mood Swing on a Stick ®
Snakes in a Chip Can Gag
Plastic Egg Prop
Bow Tie, Jumbo - Squirting
Yodeling Pickle Prop
Zipper Banana Prop
Big Momma's Undies Gag
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