Clown Costume Accessories

Clown Costume Accessories
Clown characters need clown costume accessories to make them really come alive. Bibs and lapel flowers, ties and jewelry all help add to a character, and make a clown truly memorable. Accentuate your clown style by choosing from our wide variety of clown costume pieces.
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Super Size 50 Gallon Cowboy Hats - (28")
Knee High Striped Socks
Black Felt Mini Top Hats
$4.00 $3.25
White Cotton Gloves with Snap
Leatherette Clown Shoes With Stars
Clown Ties With Collar
Fanny Pack - Neon Orange
Fanny Pack - Neon Blue
Fanny Pack - Neon Green
Fanny Pack - Neon Pink
Fanny Pack
Fanny Pack A75001
Large Round Bibs - Red
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