Professional clown wigs are a vital part of creating the illusion that a clown presents. A clown wig is bright, funny, exaggerated, and changes a person's look so completely that he or she can step fully into their clown character. Professional clown wigs should be easy to clean and store, comfortable, and last for a long time. When you're developing your clowning persona, few things will give your audience the right impression better than a good professional clown wig.
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Bald Clown Straight Wig
Bald Straight Clown Wig - White
$26.50 $21.20
Bald Straight Clown Wig - Red
$23.50 $21.50
Bald Straight Clown Wig - Blue
$23.50 $21.50
Bald Straight Clown Wig - Green
$23.50 $21.50
Fun Flip Wig
Karmae Wig
Karmae Wig - Blue
Alicia Bald Clown Straight Wig
Nylon Wig Cap
China Doll Wig
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