Pocket Props

Pocket Props
Pocket props are fun for closeup pranks and gags. Stuff your pockets full of props like chattering teeth, a 'jack' in the box, and the mini fire extinguisher. Magicians will find them helpful, toothy make perfect distractions while you're performing a trick. We have dozens of pocket props to choose from, and they all come with clear instructions to help you learn how to use them to their best advantage.
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Stool Sample Gag
Pick-A-Card Gag Card
$0.60 $0.45
Small World Mini Globe Prop
$1.25 $0.85
Little Grater Gag
My Honey in a Bikini Gag
My Clown Story Gag
Mini Chattering Teeth Gag
Little Pail Gag
"It's A Secret" Gag Card
It Card Gag Cards
Rubber Chicken Ornament
Fish & Chips Gag
Sold Out
Jack In The Box
Sold Out
Biker Chick Prop
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Coin Family Magic Tricks
$10.50 $9.45