Curly Wigs

Curly Wigs
We carry several different styles of curly wigs, from crazy to cute. You can get a giant green Afro wig costume, a short curly wig with large curls in neon colors, or little girl clown looks such as the pink Caroline, a cute long curly wig, or the Karmae and the Little Women, which sport pigtails that give old-style childhood charm, contrasted with bright and silly colors. These adorable wigs will tell your curly-headed inner clown that it's time to come out and play.
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Fun Flip Clown Wig  - Red
Karmae Wig - Blue
Fun Flip Clown Wig  - Yellow
Karmae Wig -  Yellow
Afro Clown Wig - Dark Green
Crazy Curly Clown Wig - Rainbow
$14.00 $11.20
Hobo (Tramp) Wig
Super HiFro Afro - Yellow
Hifro Super Afro Wig - Blue
Curly Medium Clown Wig - Hot Pink
$27.50 $22.00
Wet Look Curly Wig - Orange
Bald Curly Clown Wig - Red
Karmae Wig - Neon Orange
Pink Caroline Wig
$26.00 $20.80
Hifro Super Afro Wig - Orange
Karmae Wig - Red
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